Your event, your memory, your family ... must be remembered forever.

Time goes so fast, and on special days it goes even faster.

The preparations were time-consuming and expensive and it seemed like the day would never come.

But here it is: the big day has arrived.

It’s impossible for you to manage everything when there’s so much going on: tensions are high, there’s so much work to do and so many finishing touches to be made.

So you just focus on what you need to do, forget about the rest.

Leave the memories to me, I'll seek and capture what you wish others to see.

On the day of the event I’ll provide you with the photographs I’ve taken. They’ll be ready to shine in the press or social networks almost immediately!

The right image captured at the right moment increases the value of your company and augments your importance in the market.

The right image captured at the right moment shows you the warm-hearted looks and smiles that just cannot be forgotten.


I’m Alicia Haro, and for so long I’ve wanted to be right here. With you and my camera.

Showing my clients my work and seeing their satisfied faces is the most rewarding feeling ever.

The effort both you and I put into our work are reflected on paper and so, forever etched in memory. Precious memories, never to be lost.

In 2003 my grandfather handed me a letter that had just come for me. I remember it as if it were yesterday, since it was the beginning of my future, of my current life.

I had won the 1st Prize for photography at the Pancho Cossío Arts Contest for Young Artists. It was the confirmation I needed to know that I had not been wrong to enrol in an Audiovisual Communication course.

A sign that I was on the right path, the path I dreamed of: the world of photography.


No two photographs are the same because no two looks are the same.

Highlight the most important moments of your event.

How? I’ll capture them for you

Each and every detail recorded could be a plus for your company, for your launch or special meeting. This is because it is impossible for the attendees to immediately feel the full force of the instant experienced.